Liquid Inulin/FOS From J Artichoke

Liquid Inulin from Jerusalem Artichoke is produced by Hot Water Extraction and Purification Processing, The Inulin contains naturally occurring branched fructans, FDA approved Dietary fiber, and is USDA Organic Certified and NON GMO Project Verified.  Halal, and Kosher Certified. Also, this Inulin is Vegan Action Certified & Allergen Free

The liquid Inulin (FOS) was product in a GMP, HACCP Certified and third party audited facility.

Liquid Inulin contains short chain fructo-oligo/polysaccharide (FOS) with chain length with DP 3-5, is part of inulin component.

We offer L90 and L70 two version, conventional and USDA certified organic

It can be used in Bakery, Nutrition Bar, Nutrition beverage as a sugar replacer to enhance daily fiber intake, and has the functionality of Prebiotics to enhance body immunity.

Basic Composition:

Brix: 65 to 75%

Inulin Fiber Content (dry based) 70% to 90%

Free Sugar Content (Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, others): 10% max

Total Carbohydrates (dry base): 95%


250 KG plastic top open Drum, 1300 IBC Tote

Visual Appearance :

Liquid viscous light brown color

Shelf Life:

18 month in Room Temperature/24 months in Refrigerated temperature

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