Coconut Oil powder

Coconut Oil Powder / cold water soluble is made from premium refined Coconut Oil, This product meets clean-label requirements. The only carrier used is Prebiotic Acacia Gum. Contains Zero Net Carbohydrates. Ideal for Keto and Paleo Diets. The product has excellent water dispersibility. It can be used as a healthy non-dairy creamer. Widely used for protein powder mixes and Coffee creamers.

Product information

  1. Fat Content: 50%, 70%
  2. Carrier option: available in IMO, Maltodextrin, Tapioca Starch, Resistant Starch or Acacia Gum
  3. Agglomerated or fine powder
  4. Appearance: White or off white powder or fine granular
  5. Heavy metal:   10 ppm Max
  6. Bulk density: 0.35 to -0.55 g/ml
  7. Mesh size: 90% through 20 mesh
  8. Typical Microb Spec
    • Total Plate count: 1000 cfu/gm Max
    • Total Yeast and Mold: 100 cfu/g max
    • Pathogenic bacteria: Negative

Package: Heat sealed aluminum foil bags, packed in corrugated paper carton, 10 Kg/bag/2 bag per box

Storage and Shelf life: Store at room temperature, dry conditions, Keep away from strong odor or volatile materials, light, heat and moisture


Coconut oil, Acacia Gum or Maltodextrin or Tapioca or Sodium caseinate or a mixture, Silica Dioxide (as Anti caking agent)


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