Collagen is the most abundant structural protein of the various connective tissues in animals- we specifically carry fish, chicken, bovine, and pork gelatin. Not only a skin tightening all around beauty enhancing product, when mixed into food collagen does wonders for your digestive system and overall health and well being.

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen is produced from fresh skin / bone or food-grade gelatin products. Our Collagen is produced by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis. It is made to be tasteless and flavorless. The Collagen is high in protein content, low in ash, high water solubility, and has low

Functional Animal Protein

Functional Animal Protein

Functional Animal Protein is specifically designed for the Meat Industry. It is produced from Bovine or Pork Animal Skin, Meat, Fat Trimmings, and Spalt Raw Materials. Antioxidants are added to the mixture for the stabilization of fat components. The FAP material is then processed by

Chicken Collagen

Chicken Collagen Type II / Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen

Our Chicken Collagen Type II is extracted from Chicken Cartilage. Type II collage differs from type I because of its highly purified form. Chicken collagen is often used in supplements for joint and bone health, and cosmetic products to add moisture and skin smoothing.   Standards

Pork Collagen

Pork Collagen / Hydrolyzed Pork Gelatin

Pork Collagen is produced from fresh skin or food grade gelatin products. Our Pork Collagen is Type A. Pork collagen is used in health care products such as beverages, nutrition bars, tablets, meat products, wine and juice products, tea, and more. We will work with you and your

Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen

Our Collagen from Fish Scale or Skin is an active polypeptide extracted and purified from fish scales or fish skin using an advanced unique technology. Our fish collagen is high in protein content, low in ash, high water solubility, low molecular weight, and no fishy odor. Our fish collagen

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